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The power of Jewish Art

Can a thousand words of Torah be expressed in a painting? Can studying a picture be like receiving a Torah shiur? Talented artist, Yehoshua Wiseman, answers in the affirmative, saying he has devoted his career to fulfil this mission.

“I want the viewer to be aroused and inspired in a way that the written word usually can’t,” he says. “I want to touch the viewer’s imagination and cause him or her to become closer to Hashem through the elements of the painting.”

If one wanders the cobbled alleyways of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, one can find Reb Wiseman’s outstanding pieces of art displayed in the many shops and galleries. A close look at his paintings will confirm that Reb Wiseman is being successful in his mission to express his connection with Hashem through art. Quite an achievement for a man who only began to paint seriously in his thirties

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